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Diploma in Accounting (DIA)

The Diploma in Accounting (DIA) provides students with the prospect of obtaining effective knowledge and skills in accounting studies. The programme gives a sound knowledge of the principles and core concepts of accounting, along with an analysis of the various corporate financial statements. This programme enables students to adopt an enquiring and creative approach, to exercise critical awareness of issues in accounting. The diploma equips students with knowledge, skills and understanding of the best practices in accounting and an appreciation of the value of research, critical thinking and effective communication. DIA provides exposure or opportunities for students to acquire a very strong comprehension of accounting to meet the growing challenges and demands of an accounting career in today’s modern economy.

Programme Outcomes
Upon completion of the programme, graduates will be able to:-
Show knowledge and comprehension of accounting.
Apply practical skills in the field of work of accounting.
Apply scientific and creative thinking skills in solving and managing accounting-related problems or issues.
Apply communication skills effectively and to transmit information, ideas, problems and resolutions globally (at national and international level).
Demonstrate teamwork skills and the sense of duty or responsibilities towards the need of managing business in society.
Demonstrate dedication and commitment to Islamic professional values, attitudes and professionalism.
Apply information to promote effective accounting.
Demonstrate confidence and entrepreneurial in pursuing their careers.
Demonstrate leadership skills that are appropriate to employment.

Career Prospects
The establishment and development of the accounting programme is to produce graduates who possess specific knowledge in accounting with necessary skills at a sub professional level that are able to convert theory into practice as well as are able to analyze and solve business and accounting issues.

Upon completion of this programme, graduates are able to position themselves in finance, banking and accounting in various sectors and industries. Graduates can choose to work as an Account assistant, Audit assistant, financial advisors or even an entrepreneur.

Graduates with good academic results may further their studies at any local or foreign institution of higher learning. Among the courses available are:-
i) Bachelor in Accountancy (Local/Foreign Universities)
ii) Professional courses (MICPA, ACCA, CIMA and CPA)

With the accounting degree or professional courses and working experience in the relevant field, graduates are eligible to apply as certified accountant and become a member of the accounting professional body in Malaysia; Malaysian Institute of Accountants (MIA).

Programme Details
A student has to acquire 92 credit hours to complete this programme.

The students is assessed by different type of assessment according to the course. The assessment can be quiz, assignment, presentation and final examination.

Entry Requirements
PASS in Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM)/O-Level or equivalent with at least 3 credits in any subjects including Mathematics or Additional Mathematics;
PASS in certificate level from any government-recognized higher education institutions.
*Priority will be given to those who obtained a PASS in Mathematics or Principles of Accounting in SPM

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