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DiplomaPerbankan dan Kewangan Islam
JPT/BPP(K)1000/600/WP156 JLD2 (54)MQA/PA0649

The Diploma in Islamic Banking and Finance (DBF) is designed to introduce students to the Islamic banking and financial system and how the present institution can be progressively transformed. This programme provides knowledge and skills in Fiqh Muamalat, Takaful and Risk Management, Islamic Banking Operation, Financial Accounting for Islamic Financial Institutions, Marketing for Financial Services, Islamic Trade Finance, Credit Management, Islamic Finance and Banking System, Islamic Banking and Finance Project and Ethics and Governance of Islamic Financial Institutions.

This programme also exposes the student with the operational aspects of Islamic banking institutions and how it can fulfill the financing requirements of the customers. The concept and application of products such as Murabahah, Musyarakah, Mudharabah, Salam, Istis’na, Sukuk as well as Takaful and the marketing of the new products and services are adequately covered.

In addition to the programme, the students will also be taught Economic from the Islamic Perspective, Business Mathematics, Business Finance, Marketing, Statistics among others to enhance their competencies in soft skills. As the programme emphasizes self-initiated learning and hands-on competencies, graduates of this programme will be ready to take the challenges and competitions in the Islamic banking world.

Programme Outcomes
Upon completion of the programme, graduates will be able to:-
Demonstrate knowledge and awareness of both Islamic and conventional principles and practices in the areas accounting, management, finance, marketing, economic, law and operation of banks and financial institution.
Recognize and apply the principles of Islamic in relation to banking and financial practices.
Identify the organization’s needs, demand for Islamic banking and financial services and be able to recommend suitable instruments to meet the demand for shariah compliance products and services.
Recognize and appropriately respond to ethical, legal and strategic concerns relating to Islamic bank and finance services.
Communicate effectively and professionally in business situation through physical or virtual presence, writing, speaking, listening and electronic media.
Apply critical thinking and problem solving skills guided by the Islamic principles and shariah requirement relating to matter involving services and products and operation of bank and financial institutions.
Apply skills and principles of lifelong learning in career development and all aspects of life.
Recognize entrepreneurial opportunities for new business, evaluate potential for new product, and consider implementation issues including financial, legal, operational and administrative procedures involved in starting new business and developing new product to meet market needs.
Demonstrate leadership skills that are appropriate to employment.

Career Prospects
Graduates will not only be qualified to pursue careers within Islamic financial Institutions and regulatory agencies, but also with multinational investment banks as experts in their fields. Modern employers are willing to pay a premium for graduates with expertise in this growing field, and graduates will stand to significantly increase their earnings.

Programme Details
A student has to acquire 92 credit hours to complete this programme

Entry Requirements
A Pass in Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) or O-Level / equivalent with a minimum of 3 credits (in any subject), OR; A Pass in certificate programme from recognized institution.






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