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Diploma Pengurusan Pemasaran
JPT/BPP(K) 1000/600/WP156 JLD 2(56)MQA/PA0650

The Diploma in Marketing Management (DMM) provides students with the prospect of obtaining effective knowledge and skills in marketing studies. Marketing reflects competitive advantages for-commercial and non-profit organizations while examining the interpersonal-relationships that exist among their customers, members, the competitor and internal resources. A key part of marketing consists of gaining insights into customer needs and then, developing effective marketing strategies.

Programme Outcomes
Upon completion of the programme, graduates will be able to:-
Demonstrate knowledge and awareness of management, marketing, economic, environmental, ethical and regulatory contexts of global business practice.
Apply the practical skills as a marketing planner in a process and implementation of marketing contexts including organizational strategy, culture and the broader marketing environment.
Identify the organization’s information needs, scope of research projects and resource capability to underpin the development of justified business cases, including risk assessment and mitigation strategies, to support marketing projects.
Communicate effectively and professionally in business situation through physical or virtual presence, writing, speaking, listening and electronic media.
Demonstrate social and teamwork skills, and the sense of duty or responsibilities towards members of society.
Demonstrate dedication and commitment to Islamic professional values, attitudes and professionalism towards the area of study.
Apply information and skills to promote effective marketing management and lifelong learning in academic and career development.
Demonstrate confidence and entrepreneurial skills in pursuing their own careers.
Demonstrate leadership skills that are appropriate to employment.

Career Prospects
Graduates in DMM would be able to be marketing executives that will involve in developing marketing campaigns that promote a product, service or idea. The role includes planning, advertising, public relations, organizing events, product development, distribution, sponsorship and research. The responsibilities of a marketing executive will vary, depending on the size of the organization and sector, and whether the focus is on selling a product or service or raising awareness of an issue that affects the public. As many organizations have marketing departments, marketing executives can be found in both the private and public sectors, from the financial, retailing and media industries to voluntary and public sector organizations.

Programme Details
A student has to acquire 92 credit hours to complete this programme.

Entry Requirements
A Pass in Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) or O-Level / equivalent with a minimum of 3 credits (in any subject), OR; A Pass in certificate programme from recognized institution.




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